Skull Valley Polo Club

polopicThe polo season in Skull Valley runs from May through October with training and practice matches throughout the spring, summer and fall. People interested in participating or learning more about polo at the Van Dickson Ranch may want to contact the ranch at the numbers below.
Each year the season is culminated with the Annual Polo Tournament and Texas Barbecue in October, a tradition which has continued since 2005. More than 200 spectators attend every year to watch the matches and enjoy the delicious tri-tip of beef dinners.

Polo in Skull Valley has a history of its own. In the early 1900s James Van Dickson raised polo ponies there and leased them to Will Rogers. When they were through playing polo, they came back to become ranch horses.

C. Paul Harris, owner of the Van Dickson Ranch, played polo in Austin, Texas, starting and running his own polo club there years before settling in Skull Valley in 1999. When he first saw the property, he and his wife Carolyn decided the large, flat area in front of the ranch house might make a nice polo field. He had no idea that it had actually been a polo field 100 years before.

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For more information or to come and play, learn polo, or observe, contact C. Paul Harris at:
(928) 442-3658
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 314
Skull Valley, AZ 86338
Physical address:
13125 Van Dickson Road
Skull Valley, AZ 86338



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